What I Did 07/29/17

9:30 AM: Wake up and go on my phone.

I always check my social media and this morning I was watching interviews of one of my favorite rappers: G-Eazy

10:00 AM: Get up and get ready.

My dad got me a donut and I dressed in cropped Lululemon leggings, a shirt from my brother’s college, and green Birkenstocks

10:45 AM: Leave for Starbucks.

I was heading over to do summer work with my friend (I’ll call her A). I really needed to get a bunch of work done. School will be here soon

11:00 AM: Arrival and meet up with A

She came a little after 11, but we both had to wait in line to get my coffee and her tea. They baristas are starting to recognize me at the store

11:30 AM: Go across the street to the library and do some summer work

This mostly included online shopping and occasional reading. I knew I wouldn’t even pick up a book if I worked at home, so this was still something. This is an interesting post right after I gave that advice on being productive. Maybe I should listen to myself more

1:15 PM: Get Chipotle with A

I worked up an appetite after getting nothing done

2:00 PM: Head back over to the library and message with our old England teacher on Facebook

She was such a good english teacher, but she went back to school and now she is a professor. This event was partly an excuse to avoid studying, but we really did have a good conversation. Hopefully she’ll come back and visit

3:00 PM: Go to get ice cream and head to my house to play with my dog and watch One Tree Hill

I could never get into that show, but we watched from season 3 and now I’m hooked. The first few seasons are filled with high school drama, but the show really picks up by season 3

5:20 PM: A leaves and I go with my family downtown to watch my cousin play in the fountains

My cousin and uncle were visiting. My cousin is 3 and the fountains were the highlight of his year. The place was packed and the little kids were all giving me baby fever

6:30 PM: Departure

We had to leave for dinner. My cousin normally goes to bed around 8 so we left and debated about where to eat on the car ride home

6:50 PM: We go to a restaurant near my house

I had a Caesar salad and some root beer. We ate outside and I enjoyed listening to my cousin comment on firetrucks going past us and getting food all over his face

7:45 PM: We head back to my house and I play with my cousin

He had gone shopping that day and was excited about his new tool set. Who wouldn’t be?!

8:30 PM: I go for a mile run

This was not my best time, but I did stop to talk to one of my friends that saw me run past her. I’m so nervous for soccer tryouts, but what happens happens. I’m not super athletic and I do sports as a motivation method to stay in shape more than anything else

8:40 PM: I get back to my house and watch TV with my parents

HGTV (if you follow my twitter you would know) is an obsession of mine and I genuinely believe I am a house expert. I could binge watch that show for hours which is exactly what I did

10:10 PM: I go upstairs to take a shower and get ready for bed

I was so tired and not in the mood to stay up late that night. My bed is always calling my name

10:30 PM: Off to bed

I know this may be a strange post, but I like to use this blog as a journal that I can look back on. If I do this in the future, I think I’ll add in a video montage or pictures to make it more interesting. Still, I hope you liked the format. Let me know in the comments!


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