Quick Tips to be Productive

Sometimes even getting out of bed can seem like an impossible task or turning of the TV is too much work. When summer days give me hours to myself and nobody is pushing me to do my work, productivity is a real struggle. There is no straight forward solution  to this dilemma, but by practicing productivity it can become a habit.

Plan Ahead 

The night before a day of tasks to complete, make a list of what you need to do. Writing it out not only motivates you to do it, but makes sure you remember every task and gets you in the working mindset.

Getting Out of Bed 

One of the simplest, but most difficult tasks of the day. This is especially true when you don’t HAVE to be anywhere and nobody is expecting you. Alarms are always the first step, but have come to the realization that I have to think of a fun reason to get out of bed. For me, I think of getting to see my excited puppy waiting for me downstairs. This is a simple activity to look forward to and takes up very little time, but I still get so excited when she greets me with a wagging tail. For you, this could be buying your favorite breakfast food and getting excited to bite in to some avocado toast or a spoon full of Lucky Charms. A common one is to listen to your favorite music in the morning (check out “Songs to Sing in the Shower” on Spotify).

A New Environment

Once you get out of bed, get out of the house. A change of environment wakes you up, stimulates your mind, and is simply fun. I always walk to the Starbucks near me and chug a venti cold brew as I walk back. This simple act gets my muscles moving and my brain awake. As soon as I get back, I  feel a lot more motivated to be productive and it eases me in to the day.

These three tips will never completely solve someone’s problems when it comes to getting anything done. The key is to practice. Once you have one productive day, you become more convinced that you will be able to do it again. I hope this quick advice helped anyone who is having the same productivity problems as I am. My mom always says: just plan the work and work the plan!


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