Find Your Stress

I am fairly well known for being stressed about school. The constant inflow of assignments and different expectations by so many teachers can be overwhelming for anyone. During the school year, I normally spend two hours a night doing homework in addition to my two hour sports practices in the fall and winter. Exams lead to panic attacks and large projects hover over my head. I pride myself on my grades so a slight imperfection stresses me out, and imperfections are impossible to ignore.

Summer is the time for me to finally relax. For the past month of June I have been sleeping in and getting little done to make up for the few breaks I got during the school year. Still, I have found that I still feel uptight about the little parts of life. I worry about my room being unorganized despite clothes piling the floor throughout the school year. I feel so much guilt for sitting around all day when any chance I had to sit down and relax during the school year was a blessing. Not working out makes me self conscious even though I was begging to have a break from sports during the school year.

I have come to a conclusion. Anyone can find stress in any situation and it is human nature to seek it out. I can be baking a cake for fun and I’ll get just as stressed about the icing being perfect as I get about getting all my homework done in a night. It is so strange to think about. I don’t know if this is at all typical, but I feel as though I’m subconsciously searching for stress. I think it is also important to realize that if you’re capable of getting stressed about anything than why be stressed at all. It is easier said than done, but it helps me to realize that there will always be more and less stressful times in my life so to put so much pressure on one task is never worth it.

I used to think my dog had the best life ever. She sleeps and plays all day. She barely lifts a paw unless she wants to. I thought about how she has such a stress-free lifestyle. I would love to be her. Then, I noticed something. She gets anxious every time someone is at the door. When I leave her at home, she whimpers. When a ball is stuck somewhere she can’t reach, she barks with stress. When I’m pouring her food, she can’t wait another second. She gets stressed about the little moments. It is all relative.

Someone could look at me and see my life as not stressful at all. I have no financial struggle and my family all gets along, but I feel constant waves of stress. This provided me with an important lesson; anyone’s life can be stressful no matter the number of problems. I have few problems so every inconvenience or challenge leads to stress. For others, their problems are plentiful so they have a general stress about most aspects of their lives. I could share the same stress levels as my dog. I should never think that if I just had a good job that I would be stress free or if I did one simple step that my stress would be gone.

This post is not to say that I can relate to everyone because of stress or that my stress is just as important as other’s. I simply enjoy the thought that no matter what I do I will be stressed, so I need to keep it in perspective. Just because I am stressed, does not mean I have so many problems or an awful life. Anyone could be stressed and everyone is. This really isn’t a ground breaking post or great advice, but I hope you like the thought.



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