June Favorites

This June has been fairly uneventful. This is partly due to my own choice, after a long year of non-stop school. Sleeping in and watching television is a luxury to me. Still, there were a few items that have helped me get through the month. Keep in mind that this post is not sponsored; I wish I had a blog good enough for that.


This year I tried Accutane, this intense treatment for acne that involved taking\ pills and getting my blood drawn. Although the regimen was very effective, it dried out my lips completely. During the treatment I realized that most chapsticks only provide relief for short periods of time, expecting that whatever is making your lips dry will stop having an effect on your lips. For example, cold weather may dry out your lips but going inside to a heated building will help with your issue so you only ever need relief for a little while. I searched high and low for a chapstick that would help me out. Burt’s Bees Res-Q-Ointment worked very well on my lips and last almost all day. I would just put a little on my lips and it prevented my lips from drying. I haven’t tried it for its other known uses, but it is known to work on bruises, mosquito bites, scrapes, and burns. Even though my lips are back to their normal selves, the ointment still makes my lips nice and luscious throughout the day and it just feels good.


Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are so in right now and look amazing on nearly everyone. They show off some skin, but shoulders are in no way scandalous to show off and therefore you can wear them to most events. Showing off your collar bone also seem to slim you down. These tops give off so many summer vibes and are perfect for hot days. It is so hard for me not to buy every off-the-shoulder top I see and not wear them everyday. To add to the fun I layer chokers, often gold, for accessorizing.


I don’t use my journal as a diary, but more as a place to write down ideas and to make lists of tasks to do and goals for my life. I don’t try and make it look cute or write down paragraphs about my feelings, but I love the feeling of checking off tasks. Crossing off something you set out to do gives a stronger sense of completion and satisfaction. I have felt so much more organized since I started using it. My journal is black with blank pages (no lines) so that I can draw pictures and can add thoughts in without having to worry about lines to write on.

Dried Mango

The best snack ever. I love dried mango. Even without added sugar, it is sweet enough to taste like a treat but healthy enough that you don’t need to feel bad about yourself. I love to eat it between meals or even for breakfast. They’re surprisingly filling too. I typically get mine from Trader Joe’s. There isn’t much explanation for this favorite, but seriously try it.

Scrunchies and Headbands

This is a bit of a two in one. Scrunchies and headbands are so convenient for lazy days. They are perfect to hold back my hair when I’m doing my makeup and to keep my crazy hair a little more managed. When I want my hair to be down I can take my hair out of the scrunchy or headband (or both) and it won’t have huge bends in it.  Also, as I begin to get in shape for high school soccer, headbands have been a life savor to hold back my sweat during killer workouts. In addition, scrunchies just look better in pictures. As conceded as it is, when your hair is up in a selfie you don’t want to look bald. Scrunchies give evidence that your hair is just up and adds a little decoration to your hair. When I wear my hair up in a scrunchy to go out of the house, I often put my hair up in a normal hair tie and then put a scrunchy on top for fun.

I hope these favorites were helpful. I’m not sure if I plan to do this every month or not so let me know in the comments if this was helpful and/or you would like to see more. I hope to get a new post up soon





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